12 January 2016
Map and (contemporary) landscape - Article by Zsolt Gunther
originally published in the Octogon issue of 124

17 August 2015
Urbanista Blog - Budapest Contemporary Architecture Map
Article by Dávid Zubreczki

7 July 2015
Mapguide to Budapest Architecture
Contemporary Architecture - 2nd edition

27 August 2013
Map indroducing event in FUGA
Mapguide to Budapest Architecture - Modern Architecture

July 2013
City Walks with folded Guide
Stillblog (in Hungarian)

13 June 2013
Map introducing Event in FUGA, with Tamás Dévényi.
(Budapest Modern Architecture)

December 2012
Építészfórum – Budapest Építészeti Kalauz – Szecesszió (in Hungarian)

November 2012
METSZET Architecture Magazine
Tamás Dévényi's article (in Hungarian)

September 2012
OCTOGON Architecture&Design Magazine
András Bojár Iván's article (in Hungarian)

August 2012
Otthon a városban - Társasblog (in Hungarian)

5 June 2012
Map introducing event in FUGA
(Budapest Architectural Maps)